Here’s how I did on my weekend to-do list:

1. Baste Maddie’s graduation quilt – finished!

2. Start quilting Maddie’s quilt – yup, I’m about halfway done! It’s exhausting just moving a quilt this big around. Especially when my house is 86 degrees and I’m UNDER the quilt half the time! I’m hoping I can finish tonight or tomorrow, will post pictures soon!

3. Refill allergy med prescriptions – nope. Apparently all my prescriptions are expired. Will have to call the doctor today.

4. Do laundry – done, but not folded yet.

5. Change bike tubes – nope. Need a friend to help me out with that one.

6. Take a yoga class – nope. But I did do cardio at the gym.

7. Hopefully get started on the backing for my rainbow New Wave quilt – started, but not finished. Probably won’t have time to finish this one

8. Take Fenway to the vet for a pre-flight checkup – yup, and he has a bacterial infection in his tummy, poor little guy. He should be fine by our Friday flight, though.

9. Get all my work projects under control – that’s really for this week, not the weekend, so remains to be seen how I’ll do this.

On a mostly unrelated note, I’m really focusing my crafty attention on quilting right now, but I’m thinking about doing this Week in the Life scrapbooking project from Ali Edwards’ blog. I’ve gotten out of scrapbooking lately, I mostly do a little creative journaling/collage and mini scrapbooks of trips and weddings if anything, but I really like the idea of capturing so much ORDINARY life in photos and words. And summer in Boulder is so beautiful and fun, it’d be nice to capture that! Are there any other quilters who also scrapbook out there? Has anyone done a Week in the Life album before?