I’m determined not to start another quilt until I’ve finished the two that are underway (both overdue gifts), but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about all the great tutorials and quilt-alongs I can’t wait to start on! Here are a few that have been catching my eye:

Me? A Mom?‘s Urban Lattice (this one is kinda similar to the string quilt I’m working on, but seems so much more manageable and so elegant!)

In Color Order‘s Warm/Cool Quilt Along

Oh Fransson‘s New Wave Quilt

Stitched in Color‘s Colorbrick Quilt

{Colorbrick} a beginner's Quilt-Along

Threaded Mess‘s Marshmallow Brochette (see also links to all posts in this series at the Flickr group)

I love it when blogs include those little badges you can paste onto your own blog! Wish I had one for the New Wave quilt! Also wish I knew what the etiquette is for posting images from other people’s Flickr when you’re inspired by them – I see other people doing it, but I don’t want to infringe on anyone… I see on other blogs that people post a mosaic of a whole bunch of Flickr photos they’re inspired by…how do you DO that, and do you ask permission?