First, the obligatory year-in-review. 2011 was an extraordinary year of personal highs and lows. There are way too many highs and lows, so I’m going to recap a few of the most important and leave it at that:

High: Turning 30 years old. I’m loving this decade so far!

High: Attending four weddings of close family and friends – not only did I love being there in person to share in their joy, I got to explore several areas of the country I hadn’t previously spent much time: Philadelphia, Steamboat Springs, San Luis Obispo, and San Diego!

Low: The death of my incredible, strong, hilarious, loving grandmother at age 90.

High: The opportunity to celebrate my grandmother in the most life-affirming way, with nearly all 30+ grandchildren and great-grandchildren participating in a service that was filled with music, laughter, and a recap of all her grandmotherly advice.

High: Spending a week and a half exploring London with my parents and soaking in so much culture: a play (Driving Miss Daisy with James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave), an opera (La Traviata), an exhibit of nearly all of Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings, a musical (Crazy for You), a performance of the Messiah, a Christmas caroling service at Westminster Abbey, and a Christmas Day service at St. Paul’s cathedral.

High: Learning how to quilt!

(See that transition I just made there? Pretty clever, huh?)

I made my first two quilts this year – my string quilt and my rainbow New Wave quilt. I also made a bunch of small projects such as zipper pouches and wall hangings, and a lot of quilts in progress, too! Here’s most of my projects from this year:

I’m really excited for more crafty time in 2012! I’m hard at work on my wonky stars quilt which was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my niece – I had to give her an IOU. I also just bought a bunch of Half Moon Modern and some Pezzy Print charm packs which I’m really excited to use!

New year’s resolutions: be more creative…be more confident…keep a clean and organized home…do more yoga…love hard and let it show.