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I’ve been super busy with Thanksgiving, traveling, and work, but I’ve managed to get a few hours of craftiness in!

My mom asked me to make her some little pouches to corral stuff in her purse. I picked out this Cloud Nine Pots and Jugs fabric for her because she and my dad used to live in Nigeria and she collected all kinds of beautiful African pottery while they were there! She wanted bright colors that she can easily spot within her purse – I think the turquoise with hot pink zippers will be pretty easy to spot!

I started making a table runner for my brother and sister-in-law with a scrappy Christmas tree motif, but I decided I loved the tree so much I’m making it into a mini quilt for myself! I’ll have to make them something else instead. I really had fun quilting this little guy (which is only about 10″ x 13″). My favorite part is the little bit of selvedge with the word “Deck the Halls” and a bunch of number dots!

I’ve also been working on a December Daily scrapbook/photo journal. I’m doing it mainly digitally, but will add some other stuff as well. I am using Ali Edwards’ digital templates to create a 6″ x 8″ album – the templates make it SUPER easy to easily crop photos to the right sizes and create pages quickly! (Although I always end up changing it – adding photos or removing some o the text that her templates come with. But it would be super quick if I stopped trying to change the templates!) Here’s a few of the pages I’ve done so far:

I haven’t done scrapbooking (digital or otherwise) in forever so it’s nice to get back to it!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is one of my favorite holidays. I love the focus on family and togetherness, and the lack of commercialism! And…I love that it marks the beginning of the Christmas season! (Truth be told, I’ve been listening to Christmas music for a week or so already…I’m impatient.)

I spent this morning rushing to finish binding my LOVE Star! mini quilt. I’m giving it as a gift to my cousin’s wife Katie. Her husband (my cousin) recently deployed as a Marine helicopter pilot, and he will be missing their son’s first Christmas. I’m in awe of Katie’s strength in this difficult time, and I wanted to do something to acknowledge all the love that she’s brought to my cousin and our whole family, so I made this for her.

This mini quilt really evolved over time – it started as just the paper-pieced letters in the middle. Then I added half-square triangles around it to turn it into a star. Then I wanted to make it a little bigger and add in two more love’s, so I added the border. It finished up at about 18″ x 18″.

Tried to get my dog to pose in front of it…this was the best shot I got:

(He really needs to be groomed…look at his crazy paw fur!)

Okay, time to go deliver this gift and visit with family and friends!

Apologies for the crummy, slightly-cut-off iPhone photo, but I need suggestions for how I should quilt this bad boy, which I now call the LOVE LOVE LOVE Star.

Any ideas? Keeping in mind that I’m not much of a free-motion quilter OR a hand-quilter… I really don’t know what to do here!

I added the two additional LOVE’s because I decided to give this mini quilt to my cousin’s wife Katie, who is always saying “Love! Love! Love!” It’s kinda her catchphrase. I wanted to do something nice for her because my cousin was just deployed with the Marines yesterday, and this will be Katie’s first Christmas without him as well as their son’s first Christmas, period! She’s a rock star and seems to have everything under control for being a single mom for the next ~7 months but I know it must be so difficult for her, and Christmas will probably be especially bittersweet.


(In the tune of Love Shack)

So I designed my own mini quilt this weekend – I call it the LOVE STAR! (Yes, the exclamation point is part of the title.)

I started out making a template for the letters to paper piece them. (I’ll upload them, if I can figure out how.) I’m pretty new to paper piecing and didn’t quite follow my own lines on the V in particular – the right side of the V is way too wide! I love using the Kona Stone as the background because I feel like it tones the bold colors/modern prints down enough that it could fit in a home that’s decorated with more traditional/country Christmas decorations.

I thought about just turning this into a potholder, but I’m so obsessed with stars right now, I decided to turn it into the LOVE STAR! I just added some HSTs (half Kona Snow, half Kona Stone) and Kona Snow squares to turn it into a star.

I haven’t finished it yet because I think I may add a border or something to make it a little bigger. I’m probably going to make a ton of variations on this for Christmas gifts! Maybe some wall hangings, placemats, potholders, etc.

In other news, I am snuggling under a quilt made by ME (the rainbow new wave) for the very first time!

Sometimes I just can’t wait to cut into new fabric! And I’m newly enamored with the idea of quick and easy mini quilts that can be bound in one sitting. So last night I started making a little mini quilt with my tattooed ladies fabric. I’m going to use it to cover up my ugly fuse box. My plan (which could easily change) is to make a few different sized log cabin blocks with fussy cut tattooed ladies in the centers and put them all together somehow. Anyway, I’m quite excited about this little project and couldn’t wait to share it!

(Edited with a better photo below)