I have always loved little purses, pouches, wallets, etc…so today I decided to make Noodlehead’s scrappy make-up pouch tutorial. I’m still pretty new at this stuff, so I decided not to risk using too much expensive prints and mostly used solids and a just a little bit of this zoo print, and it turned out to be a good thing! I am NOT proficient at zippers, and got pretty far through making the pouch before realizing that the zipper would not open more than about 1.5″. That obviously wasn’t going to work.

So I decided to try to salvage it and trimmed off the zipper and repeated a few steps.


But I’m pretty happy with how it ultimately turned out! My little free motion flowers were harder than I thought they’d be, but I still think they’re cute.

Some day I will master zippers. Some day.

Thanks everyone for your kind words on my first Works in Progress Wednesday!