Today I finished the bookshelf mini quilt/wall hanging that is an (overdue) birthday gift for my mom. I used Don’t Call Me Betsy’s awesome tutorial, although I changed the proportions cause I wanted something a little smaller and more square. I used scraps from some of my favorite fabrics on this one – some Central Park Cobblestone, Jane Dixon Desert Bloom, Joel Dewberry Herringbone, and of course I had to use the books fabric from the Victoria and Albert Grand Tour collection!! (Looks like Grand Tour is on sale at Fabricworm – I might need to buy more. We have lots of bookish people in our family!) I also used several colors of Timeless Treasures Solid Crosshatch for the background, the bookshelf, and the peach book. I really like those crosshatches as a solid alternative.

I’m really proud of my mitered corners on this one’s binding – it’s definitely the best I’ve ever done on these! I still have so many basic skills I need to master (for instance, some of my hand stitches on the binding showed through on the front – oops!), but I’m glad I managed to do a relatively neat job on these corners.

One thing that was kind of special was that I dug into a huge ziplock bag of thread that my grandmother (who passed away 9 years ago) used in her quilting and found a perfect match for the binding! Those are her scissors, too. It makes me feel connected to her and also makes me wish that I had taken more of an interest in quilting during her lifetime. Also, I get a kick out of the price on the thread – 45 cents!

Here’s the back of the mini quilt.