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Fabulous fabric I just got in the mail today! From Form and Fabric, which is possibly my new favorite online fabric store. I’m thinking about doing a Colorbrick quilt (see my last post) with these fabrics (plus some others from my stash), or possibly the New Wave pattern which would let me really keep the rainbow of colors in order. Not sure. Still need to finish up my niece’s quilt before I can take on another!


I’m determined not to start another quilt until I’ve finished the two that are underway (both overdue gifts), but that doesn’t mean I can’t dream about all the great tutorials and quilt-alongs I can’t wait to start on! Here are a few that have been catching my eye:

Me? A Mom?‘s Urban Lattice (this one is kinda similar to the string quilt I’m working on, but seems so much more manageable and so elegant!)

In Color Order‘s Warm/Cool Quilt Along

Oh Fransson‘s New Wave Quilt

Stitched in Color‘s Colorbrick Quilt

{Colorbrick} a beginner's Quilt-Along

Threaded Mess‘s Marshmallow Brochette (see also links to all posts in this series at the Flickr group)

I love it when blogs include those little badges you can paste onto your own blog! Wish I had one for the New Wave quilt! Also wish I knew what the etiquette is for posting images from other people’s Flickr when you’re inspired by them – I see other people doing it, but I don’t want to infringe on anyone… I see on other blogs that people post a mosaic of a whole bunch of Flickr photos they’re inspired by…how do you DO that, and do you ask permission?