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Okay…finally getting back into the groove (missed a few weeks). I’ve been really enjoying reading everyone’s accounts from the Sewing Summit (and yes, enjoying = quietly seething with jealousy).

The biggest news this week is that I started a new quilt! It’s going to be a bento box quilt for my nephew, and the colors are blue, navy, green, orange, and brown. I’m really thrilled about the fabric I bought (all from Hawthorne Threads, aside from one piece of Loulouthi that I bought last summer at Alewives in Maine). I’m using a lot of the Caleb Gray Robot Factory line, it’s so fun. Who doesn’t love robots?! Here’s the first block I made (pre-quartering):

I’m working on some handmade gifts for my friend and her son who took care of my dog while I was at a family wedding in California. So far I made a zipper pouch using some Robot Factory leftovers for her 4-year-old son (the J on the back is for his first initial). I’m putting some Matchbox cars in the pouch as a gift!

I’m still working on binding the Rainbow New Wave quilt, but I’m getting pretty close (it will be my 2nd completed quilt!).

And I have done a tiny bit on Livy’s wonky star quilt (i.e., changed my mind about what background fabric to use, ordered more of it, and started cutting scraps using the Go Baby HST die to form some of the stars).

Last but not least, the stuff I haven’t touched this week:

Quilt tops in progress:

Colorful log cabin quilt

Completed quilt tops, waiting for quilting:

Delia’s Central Park log cabin quilt
Tattooed Ladies mini quilt

Small projects in progress: 

Starburst Leftovers mug rug

This week’s stats:

Last week’s in-progress projects: 8
New projects – 2
Completed projects – 1
Currently in progress – 9

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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


I have a new work in progress! I promised my six-year-old nephew I’d make him a quilt, and when I saw the Caleb Gray Robot Factory collection, I knew I had the perfect color scheme. I started with these prints from the collection:

Then I added in a smattering of blue, navy, green, orange, and brown prints – many from the Khristian A. Howell Moroccan Mirage collection, which I adore and I want to buy lots lots more of! Several from Secret Garden, which I also adore, and some from Going Coastal, Loulouthi, Fox Trails, and other beautiful collections…I love the mix that I ended up with.


I decided on a bento box pattern, so I got a ton of squares and strips cut up:

I’m a little nervous that he’ll start thinking the robots are babyish within a few years, so I’m planning on using a lot of the non-robot print leftovers to piece together a cool backing that could be the front if he outgrows the robots too soon!

I’ve only completed one block so far (out of a planned 16):

I’m really excited about it! I spent a lot of time figuring out the math so I’d know how much fabric to cut, I’ll share my cutting plan when I’m little more certain that my math works out!