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This is his go-to “do you want to play with me?” move.


After 2.5 days away from him on a business trip, I definitely want to play!


It’s been a long, long, long, long week.

It seems to me that New Year’s resolutions are just not made often enough. Life changes so quickly, and New Year’s resolutions are often so lofty that they are unattainable. I’ve decided to make monthly mini-resolutions. I started last month, though I didn’t blog about it, and made them very tangible goals: “no coffeeshop coffee,” “no new fabric”, “bring lunch to work at least 4 days a week,” etc. September’s resolutions were all about sticking to a budget after a very expensive summer! (I was moderately successful.)

My resolutions for October are more about getting back into a healthy and productive routine. I’ll be traveling a lot in October, and I tend to slack on exercise, house cleaning, healthy eating, and reasonable bedtimes when I’m traveling.

A few more details on each goal:

1. Go to yoga class at least once a week. Last year, I was in a good routine of going to yoga 1-2 times per week, and I lost that routine.
2. Take Fenway for a real walk every day. Sometimes we just go around the little park in front of our house once, but I think he needs a bit more exercise to be happier and healthier. I really need to commit to taking him on a real walk, every day.
3. Try three new, healthy recipes. I’m in a cooking rut, and the result is that I eat out too often. I need to learn some new recipes that are easy to bring to work as leftovers the next day, too!
4. Shift to a 10pm bedtime. Part of being in a new (and semi-long-distance) relationship is that I stay up way too late talking on the phone. It’s not good for my health, and it’s not good for my productivity at work.
5. Catch the 8:30am bus at least three days a week. This is directly related to goal #4; when I stay up too late, I go to work too late, and then I am stuck at the office until after dark.
6. Stop procrastinating on household repairs: screen door, leaky shower, etc. I am a notorious procrastinator, especially when it comes to things at home: cleaning, repairs, hanging pictures that I paid lots of money to get framed, etc. I want my home to be more inviting, polished, and, at a minimum, have everything in decent working condition.
7. Finish the Sidekick tote. This is a fun one and mostly here so that at the end of October, I’ll be sure to have ONE goal accomplished!


As the days get shorter and colder, and I remember my incredible grandmother who passed away one year ago today, I am so grateful for my sweet little snuggle buddy.