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I finished the IKEA floral-inspired picnic blanket! I wrote lots more about it here. What a fun and quick project! My only complaint is that I am not crazy about the perle cotton ties; I think I would prefer a more substantial yarn (or actual quilting).


I haven’t touched any other quilting projects this week, but I do have another very exciting work-in-progress: a new blog! New name, new look, and LOTS more content. More photos, more words, more crafty projects (quilting and non-quilting), more personal/meaningful journaling, more ME. And someday there will be tutorials and an Etsy shop! I’m very excited to take a more structured approach to blogging and documenting my creative pursuits.

Goal for this week: return to some long-languishing works in progress, like my wonky stars quilt. I currently have 13 stars, and I am aiming for at least 15, possibly as many as 20. (I still haven’t decided.)


Here’s the in-progress inventory (I’m going to only count quilts, not small projects):

Quilt tops in progress:

Livy’s wonky stars quilt
Hope Valley drunkard’s path quilt
Secret solids quilt
Kieran’s robot quilt
Colorful log cabin quilt
Wonky nine-patch quilt

Completed quilt tops, waiting for quilting:

Delia’s Central Park log cabin quilt
Tattooed Ladies mini quilt

Completed quilt tops, waiting for binding:


This week’s stats:

Last week’s count: 9
Started this week: 0
Completed this week:  1
Current works in progress – 8

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The IKEA floral inspired picnic blanket is done! I’m so excited to have something big and lightweight to bring to picnics, outdoor concerts, BBQs, etc. I was very much inspired by the lovely “summerweight quilts” featured on Stitched in Color (one of my favorite quilting blogs). This is the biggest quilt I’ve made: approximately 60″ x 70″ (luckily, my boyfriend is 6’4″ and can easily hold it up for a quick photo shoot).

I selected the colors based on an IKEA duvet cover that I bought last year (and I used half of the duvet cover for the quilt backing). 100% of the fabric came from my stash: no credit cards were harmed in the making of this quilt!

I designed it myself, which involved lots of sketching, math, and a crazy Google Docs spreadsheet. I initially planned on doing squares, but with one row of mini squares to liven it up. Then I decided that narrower rectangles would be more interesting and more efficient to cut. I only had fat quarters of some of the fabrics that I wanted to use. And somewhere along the way, the layout evolved from a “portrait” layout to a “landscape” layout. The grid of rectangles was broken up by the addition of one small “golden spiral” of squares and a smaller rectangle (related to my boyfriend’s favorite mathematical concept – I will need to do a whole post on that some day!). Here are some of my initial sketches:

I tried to have a good mix of fabrics and colors, with a focus on pinks and greens. I cut everything up and then started joining pairs. Almost all the pairs of two were warm-cool combinations, but with a few cool-cool and warm-warm pairings, too. Then I sewed everything into two-by-two foursomes; I stacked all the pairs up and would flip through them to “audition” how each set looked together, like this:

Then I joined the foursomes into nine eightsomes, and that’s when it really got tricky; I wanted to keep the really bold colors and patterns relatively spread out, and I didn’t want rectangles of the same fabric to ever touch. I ended up having to sketch out each “eightsome” on graph paper, cut them out, and find a layout that would work that way. I am sure there’s a smarter way to do it, but it was kind of fun!

I sewed everything together, made a simple pair of straps, basted the front and back together lightly, sewed around the edges, turned, topstitched, and tied the quilt. I am not sold on tying quilts. It was incredibly fast, but I think it looks kind of sloppy. I used pink perle cotton, but I think I would have preferred a thicker, more yarn-like fiber, if I were to do this again. It’s the only aspect of this quilt that I don’t love!

Now it’s raining and dreary, and I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to actually USE this beautiful, happy picnic blanket!

Here’s the back of the picnic blanket (one-half of a twin-sized IKEA duvet cover):

My boyfriend’s dog was excited to check out the finished product, too…




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I finally finished the Central Park HST baby quilt that I started almost a year ago! It’s been quite a journey, and this quilt bears the imperfections that I prefer to consider “proof” that it’s handmade, not churned out by some factory in China for Pottery Barn!

Kate Spain’s Central Park line was one of the very first quilting fabrics I purchased, and I loved the color scheme and how it could be used for a boy or a girl. When I found out that some good friends of mine were expecting their third child and that they didn’t plan to find out whether it was a girl or a boy, I thought this was a good opportunity to use my Central Park charm squares to make a gender-neutral baby quilt! I put together the HST patchwork very quickly (using my Go Baby! cutter to cut out all the HSTs) but then got busy with other things, and before I knew it, the baby was born, and it’s a girl! So I added a big purple border to make it girly (and bigger, because the patchwork part ended up being smaller than I realized it would be).

One of my favorite things about this quilt is the “I Spy” back with fussy-cut animals.

Unfortunately, the “washable” marking pencil that I used did not wash out, and left very visible yellow lines throughout. I tried rubbing it off by hand and running it through the washing machine several more times, to no avail. Finally I resorted to using a bleach pen, which worked fairly well but soaked through to the back of the quilt several times and the bleach marks are VERY visible on the solid purple backing! (Mental note: always use a patterned fabric on the back of the quilt.)

It’s not perfect, and I definitely need to work on my accurate HST piecing (and invest in a different method of marking quilting lines!) but I think it’s such a happy quilt for a very happy baby! Now I just need to finish little gifts for the baby’s big brother and sister and I can finally give them this quilt!


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First, the obligatory year-in-review. 2011 was an extraordinary year of personal highs and lows. There are way too many highs and lows, so I’m going to recap a few of the most important and leave it at that:

High: Turning 30 years old. I’m loving this decade so far!

High: Attending four weddings of close family and friends – not only did I love being there in person to share in their joy, I got to explore several areas of the country I hadn’t previously spent much time: Philadelphia, Steamboat Springs, San Luis Obispo, and San Diego!

Low: The death of my incredible, strong, hilarious, loving grandmother at age 90.

High: The opportunity to celebrate my grandmother in the most life-affirming way, with nearly all 30+ grandchildren and great-grandchildren participating in a service that was filled with music, laughter, and a recap of all her grandmotherly advice.

High: Spending a week and a half exploring London with my parents and soaking in so much culture: a play (Driving Miss Daisy with James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave), an opera (La Traviata), an exhibit of nearly all of Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings, a musical (Crazy for You), a performance of the Messiah, a Christmas caroling service at Westminster Abbey, and a Christmas Day service at St. Paul’s cathedral.

High: Learning how to quilt!

(See that transition I just made there? Pretty clever, huh?)

I made my first two quilts this year – my string quilt and my rainbow New Wave quilt. I also made a bunch of small projects such as zipper pouches and wall hangings, and a lot of quilts in progress, too! Here’s most of my projects from this year:

I’m really excited for more crafty time in 2012! I’m hard at work on my wonky stars quilt which was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my niece – I had to give her an IOU. I also just bought a bunch of Half Moon Modern and some Pezzy Print charm packs which I’m really excited to use!

New year’s resolutions: be more creative…be more confident…keep a clean and organized home…do more yoga…love hard and let it show.

I think I missed another week…darn. Can’t keep up with blogging! (I’m making up for it with two posts today!)

The big news, which I’ve already shared in my post for the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival, is that I finally finished my second quilt! It’s my Rainbow New Wave, a quilt top I finished months ago but was dragging on finishing up the binding. I love it and I’m keeping it for myself!

I also made another iPhone case with this super-easy tutorial from Apple Blue, with the additions of a fusible fleece interface and a few quilting lines to better secure the Velcro. I used some of my precious Daiwabo Elephants, the thicker canvassy kind.

Last but not least, the stuff I haven’t touched this week:

Quilt tops in progress:

Kieran’s robot quilt
Livy’s wonky star quilt
Colorful log cabin quilt

Completed quilt tops, waiting for quilting:

Delia’s Central Park log cabin quilt
Tattooed Ladies mini quilt

Small projects in progress: 

Starburst Leftovers mug rug

This week’s stats:

Last week’s in-progress projects: 7
New projects – 1
Completed projects – 2
Currently in progress – 6

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