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My only project I’ve touched this week is my Sidekick Tote, pattern by Noodlehead. I was delayed because I had to wait for the metal zipper and strap hardware that I ordered from some Etsy shops, but now it’s almost done! I just need to finish the strap and then sew the exterior and interior together, and I’m done! I love that orange metal zipper from Zipit!

I’ve also been doing a little fabric organizing. My old strategy used to be to try to keep all my fabric that wasn’t actively being used in an ongoing project in my “stash” boxes, organized by color. I found that I didn’t like my newest fabric being mixed in with my “old” fabric. I like having a good amount of fabric OUT so I can touch it and pet it and use it more spontaneously. So these are all my latest fabric purchases from the past year or so, as well as fabrics that I’ve been using a lot lately (such as my few neutrals – I need more neutrals!). Then when I’m looking for specific colors, I’ll dig into the stash boxes. We’ll see how long I maintain this current system…it looks so pretty now, though, doesn’t it?

I haven’t actually touched any quilts in a few weeks. Here’s the in-progress inventory (I’m only counting quilts, not small projects):

Quilt tops in progress:

Livy’s wonky stars quilt
Hope Valley drunkard’s path quilt
Secret solids quilt
Kieran’s robot quilt
Colorful log cabin quilt
Wonky nine-patch quilt

Completed quilt tops, waiting for quilting:

Delia’s Central Park log cabin quilt
Tattooed Ladies mini quilt

Completed quilt tops, waiting for binding:


This week’s stats:

Last week’s count: 8
Started this week: 0
Completed this week: 0
Current works in progress – 8

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I am participating in the Softly Against Black mosaic contest on the Stitched in Color blog and hosted by Fresh Modern Fabric! I had so much fun picking a limited color palette, focused on black, grey, and pastels. After working on such a colorful project (the picnic blanket I just finished), I have been craving some more subdued, neutrals-based projects! I wanted pops of color that basically read as solids, but with a bit of texture to them.

I spent a long time going through all the fabrics in the Fresh Modern Fabric shop, and wishing I had unlimited dollars. Here’s what I narrowed my palette down to:

I especially am craving that black/gray woodgrain print in the bottom left. I WANT IT!

Go over to Stitched in Color and check out the mosaic contest! It’s fun!


Temptation, today, took the form of 20% off at Pink Castle Fabrics. (Code = LABOR20)

I love Anna Maria Horner’s fabrics; one of the very first quilting fabrics I bought, many years ago, was from her Bohemian collection,which I think was her first collection, and I have fabrics from almost all of her subsequent collections. I’ve been trying very hard to keep my fabric shopping in check right now, because for the past year I have been buying faster than I’ve been sewing! But the allure of Field Study was too great, and 20% off deals don’t come along very often!

These are the fabrics I selected:

My favorites are the Raindrops Poppies (first three images from the top-left). I am looking forward to making some purses and  iPad cases out of those. I’m also sketching out a new quilt idea that I’m really excited about! I need to spend a little time with my Kona color card and pick out some good coordinating solids.

If anyone’s curious, I made the collage with a great iPhone app called PE-Fotolr, which I just discovered. (Odd name, great app.)


I seem to be doing a bit more shopping than sewing these days, but that’s all about to change!

I was in London over Christmas and I finally got to visit the famous Liberty of London store. I definitely spent a bit of time freaking out over how the quilting fabric costs roughly 4x more than what I normally pay, but it was all so pretty and inspiring. I only ended up getting two half-metres of fabric but also satisfied my desire to have a little bit of everything by getting a precut pack of hexagons. I’ll make attempt #2 at English paper piecing soon! Not sure what it’ll all turn into, but I’m excited to touch all those little bits of liberty. I also got three handkerchiefs that I’m planning to cut up and turn into fancy little infinity scarves.

Then soon after I got back from London, I placed a big order from my favorite online fabric shop, Hawthorne Threads. I basically had thought about my recent fabric purchases and realized that I was often passing over fabric that I loved because I wasn’t sure what I’d do with it, then ending up with fabric that I wasn’t totally inspired by. So I focused in on two collections that I have loved from afar but don’t have much (or any) of: Anna Maria Horner’s Loulouthi and Denyse Schmidt’s Hope Valley. I love the big, bold prints of Loulouthi and the pinky-orange-brown-muted green/blue color combos of Hope Valley. So I picked two Loulouthi velveteens (upper left corner of the photo) and a selection of six Loulouthi quilting weight fabrics. I threw in one Innocent Crush print that I’ve always wanted, too! Then I ordered two fat quarter stacks of Hope Valley (the Fiesta palette and the New Day palette) and then a few other half yards from the Piney Woods palette, so I’ve got nearly all the prints from that collection now! And then, to completely screw up the Anna Maria Horner/Denyse Schmidt dichotomy, I threw in one purple print by Jane Dixon (bottom right) because purple is my favorite color and I have hardly any purple in my stash! I kinda love how all the different prints from the three different designers all seem to work together somehow! The pinks and oranges and blue-greens all play together nicely.

So I’ve been scheming about what to do with all my AMH and DS pretties. The velveteen is definitely intended for a Noodlehead 241 tote bag, and I’m planning on using one of the other AMH prints for the lining. My current plan for the Hope Valley and some of the other Loulouthi prints is to do a drunkard’s path quilt with warm circles on cool backgrounds and vice versa. (It’s hard to explain, but I think it’s going to be really stunning.) I recently ordered a drunkard’s path die for my Go Baby cutter, and I’m not-so-patiently waiting for it to arrive! It was supposed to be here yesterday or today.

I can’t wait to get back into the creative groove!

I finished my mom’s birthday gift bookshelf mini quilt (blogged here) over the weekend:

And I made one more block for my niece’s wonky stars quilt. I’m not super crazy about the very primary colors, it feels a little too childlike (she’s about to turn 11 and I want her to like it through her teen years – is that unrealistic?!). Or maybe it’s the mostly white center block that’s bothering me. I don’t know. This one might not make it into the quilt. I do really love that mustardy yellow fabric.

I also had some really good fabric shopping and design inspiration experiences this week. This yummy stack of fabrics just came in the mail today (and Form and Fabric included this super cute little tape measure!):

Lots of Wrenly, a little Heirloom, a random elephant print (I’m collecting elephant prints!), and at the very bottom of the stack a totally cool fabric with tattooed women on it. I think I’m going to make myself a mini quilt wall hanging with that one!

In terms of inspiration, I went to the new IKEA in Colorado – my first IKEA experience ever! I just bought a lamp, but I’m sure I’ll be back for some fabric (and lots of other stuff too)!

Ah yes, the stuff I haven’t touched this week:

Quilt tops in progress: 

Colorful log cabin quilt

Completed quilt tops, waiting for backing:

Rainbow New Wave quilt

Completed quilt tops, waiting for quilting: 

Delia’s Central Park log cabin quilt

Small projects in process:

Hexagon mug rug

This week’s stats:
Last week’s in-progress projects: 6
New projects – 0
Completed projects – 1
Currently in progress – 5

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