My only project I’ve touched this week is my Sidekick Tote, pattern by Noodlehead. I was delayed because I had to wait for the metal zipper and strap hardware that I ordered from some Etsy shops, but now it’s almost done! I just need to finish the strap and then sew the exterior and interior together, and I’m done! I love that orange metal zipper from Zipit!

I’ve also been doing a little fabric organizing. My old strategy used to be to try to keep all my fabric that wasn’t actively being used in an ongoing project in my “stash” boxes, organized by color. I found that I didn’t like my newest fabric being mixed in with my “old” fabric. I like having a good amount of fabric OUT so I can touch it and pet it and use it more spontaneously. So these are all my latest fabric purchases from the past year or so, as well as fabrics that I’ve been using a lot lately (such as my few neutrals – I need more neutrals!). Then when I’m looking for specific colors, I’ll dig into the stash boxes. We’ll see how long I maintain this current system…it looks so pretty now, though, doesn’t it?

I haven’t actually touched any quilts in a few weeks. Here’s the in-progress inventory (I’m only counting quilts, not small projects):

Quilt tops in progress:

Livy’s wonky stars quilt
Hope Valley drunkard’s path quilt
Secret solids quilt
Kieran’s robot quilt
Colorful log cabin quilt
Wonky nine-patch quilt

Completed quilt tops, waiting for quilting:

Delia’s Central Park log cabin quilt
Tattooed Ladies mini quilt

Completed quilt tops, waiting for binding:


This week’s stats:

Last week’s count: 8
Started this week: 0
Completed this week: 0
Current works in progress – 8

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