I’ve been thinking lately that I really need a summer-y, lightweight blanket for outdoor concerts and picnics. I’ve also been thinking that I buy a lot of floral fabrics, take lots of pictures of flowers, and even have a floral tattoo. Today I started pulling together some fabrics for a picnic blanket, using the color scheme from this IKEA duvet cover (which I will use for the quilt back!):

I’m planning on a 6×7 grid of simple 10.5″ squares, with no batting or binding; I want to keep it simple and finish it quickly! Here are the fabrics I’ve selected:

I may whittle that collection down a bit so that there are more squares of each fabric, but I’m not sure yet. I am kind of digging the eclectic mix of prints. About a quarter of the prints are floral, and there are a few other fun prints in there (elephants, scooters, etc.) and of course a few solids! I am also considering adding a row of smaller squares in the middle, just to break things up a bit.

I don’t know about you, but even SIMPLE quilt layouts seem to require a lot of sketching and math!

And here are some of the fun floral Instagram pictures I took last week while I was in beautiful Basalt, Colorado (near Aspen), along with a few other favorites from my mini-vacation:

Can any botanists out there identify the photo in the middle row, third column from the left? I LOVE that flower. I think the 2nd photo in the first row might be the same kind, I’m not sure.

After a wonderful weekend of travel and creativity, it’s back to the office grind tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t lose momentum on my new quilt project! (Or totally neglect all my other works in progress.)