As I wrote yesterday, most of my progress has come in the form of fabric shopping and scheming! I’m totally thrilled just by the knowledge that I have all this beautiful Loulouthi and Hope Valley ready to be made into beautiful things. In terms of actual sewing this week, I’ve just added a few more stars to my niece’s wonky stars quilt:

I am not a yellow person (especially lemony yellow) but I LOVE the yellow star! It’s just good to step outside of your comfort zone and force yourself to use your not-favorite colors once in awhile.

Originally I was aiming for 20 stars (a 4×5 layout), then I decided to do 15 (3×5 with special borders). Now I’m kinda not ready to be done with these stars and I’m thinking about going back to the original plan of 20. I want a good mix of monochromatic and multicolored stars, and I have about a million HST pieces cut out to use to make the star points, so I’m leaning toward aiming for 20 stars again. Of course, this was supposed to be a Christmas gift, so there is a bit of time pressure…we’ll see.

Here’s the full inventory:

Quilt tops in progress:

Livy’s wonky stars quilt
Kieran’s robot quilt
Central Park HST baby quilt
Colorful log cabin quilt
Wonky nine-patch quilt

Completed quilt tops, waiting for quilting:

Delia’s Central Park log cabin quilt
Tattooed Ladies mini quilt

Small projects in progress:

Starburst Leftovers mug rug
Christmas mug rug
Ruby Star Rising zip pocket pouch
Poppy print makeup roll

This week’s stats:

Last week’s works in progress – 11
New projects – 0
Completed projects –  0
Current works in progress – 11

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