Apologies for the crummy, slightly-cut-off iPhone photo, but I need suggestions for how I should quilt this bad boy, which I now call the LOVE LOVE LOVE Star.

Any ideas? Keeping in mind that I’m not much of a free-motion quilter OR a hand-quilter… I really don’t know what to do here!

I added the two additional LOVE’s because I decided to give this mini quilt to my cousin’s wife Katie, who is always saying “Love! Love! Love!” It’s kinda her catchphrase. I wanted to do something nice for her because my cousin was just deployed with the Marines yesterday, and this will be Katie’s first Christmas without him as well as their son’s first Christmas, period! She’s a rock star and seems to have everything under control for being a single mom for the next ~7 months but I know it must be so difficult for her, and Christmas will probably be especially bittersweet.