(In the tune of Love Shack)

So I designed my own mini quilt this weekend – I call it the LOVE STAR! (Yes, the exclamation point is part of the title.)

I started out making a template for the letters to paper piece them. (I’ll upload them, if I can figure out how.) I’m pretty new to paper piecing and didn’t quite follow my own lines on the V in particular – the right side of the V is way too wide! I love using the Kona Stone as the background because I feel like it tones the bold colors/modern prints down enough that it could fit in a home that’s decorated with more traditional/country Christmas decorations.

I thought about just turning this into a potholder, but I’m so obsessed with stars right now, I decided to turn it into the LOVE STAR! I just added some HSTs (half Kona Snow, half Kona Stone) and Kona Snow squares to turn it into a star.

I haven’t finished it yet because I think I may add a border or something to make it a little bigger. I’m probably going to make a ton of variations on this for Christmas gifts! Maybe some wall hangings, placemats, potholders, etc.

In other news, I am snuggling under a quilt made by ME (the rainbow new wave) for the very first time!