I have a new work in progress! I promised my six-year-old nephew I’d make him a quilt, and when I saw the Caleb Gray Robot Factory collection, I knew I had the perfect color scheme. I started with these prints from the collection:

Then I added in a smattering of blue, navy, green, orange, and brown prints – many from the Khristian A. Howell Moroccan Mirage collection, which I adore and I want to buy lots lots more of! Several from Secret Garden, which I also adore, and some from Going Coastal, Loulouthi, Fox Trails, and other beautiful collections…I love the mix that I ended up with.


I decided on a bento box pattern, so I got a ton of squares and strips cut up:

I’m a little nervous that he’ll start thinking the robots are babyish within a few years, so I’m planning on using a lot of the non-robot print leftovers to piece together a cool backing that could be the front if he outgrows the robots too soon!

I’ve only completed one block so far (out of a planned 16):

I’m really excited about it! I spent a lot of time figuring out the math so I’d know how much fabric to cut, I’ll share my cutting plan when I’m little more certain that my math works out!