Haven’t made enough progress to justify doing a WiP Wednesday the last few weeks. Between two separate trips to California for weddings and the death of my incredible grandmother, I just haven’t had much time at the sewing machine!

The only thing I’ve sewn is one little dumpling zipper pouch using this tutorial from Keyka Lou. I probably would have made a bunch more cause they are so cute and easy but I didn’t have enough long zippers! And…apparently I haven’t taken any pictures of it yet, and I’m too lazy to do so right now.

But I have some other quilting-related photos to share. The wedding that I went to near San Luis Obispo a few weeks ago incorporated a lot of Jewish traditions, including the chuppah or canopy which was held over the bride and groom by their parents and siblings. My friends put their own twist on the chuppah, making it into almost a memory quilt using fabrics that are meaningful to them and their families. There was a piece of traditional Mexican hand embroidery by the bride’s grandmother, a shirt from the groom’s grandfather, a map of the lower United States representing the year-plus walking journey across the country which the groom took after graduating college, a baby onesie from their best friends’ baby, etc. It was really incredible and will be such a wonderful keepsake for them for years to come.

Here are a few other pictures from that wedding weekend, which was held at a state park campground.

One week ago today, my incredible, strong, witty, elegant grandmother passed away. She has six children, 21 grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren (plus 1 on the way) and she managed to make us all feel like we had a special relationship with her. To the very end of her 90 year life, she was selfless and retained her sense of humor and joie de vivre. Here is a photo of her at a family wedding two years ago (88 years old and she could still throw it down on the dance floor):

It was really a blessing that we had another family wedding last weekend so that many of us were able to get together and support each other after she died. Our family is big, crazy, and close, and we have lots of silly traditions that it’s more important than ever to maintain. One such tradition is that we typically get all six aunts to hold up the bride and groom for pictures. Not all the aunts were there this time, so some cousins filled in! (That’s me in the brown and orange dress.)

Here’s the amazing cake that my sister made:

One of the best parts of the weekend was getting to spend a lot of time with my deployed Marine cousin’s wife and their new baby. Here’s a quilt that my aunt (the one that got me into quilting) made for her first grandson!

Now that life is starting to return to normal (fingers crossed!) I am excited to get back to the sewing machine! I need to get moving on my wonky stars quilt for my niece Livy’s Christmas present, and last night I ordered the fabric for my nephew’s quilt!