I caved and bought the Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt book. I’d been resisting. Not because I don’t appreciate all the amazing blocks that everyone has been posting as part of the quilt-along (I seriously LOVE the reinterpretation of very traditional blocks in modern prints and bright colors!) but because I felt like my skills are not up to par for sewing the tiny little pieces that comprise these blocks! And I was worried that I wouldn’t have the patience to actually DO anything with these blocks and it would just distract me from projects that I would actually finish. Well, the allure of the Century of Progress block finally overwhelmed me and I went to Barnes and Noble after work yesterday to buy the book. I don’t know why but this Century of Progress block has really drawn me in! So this afternoon I put one together:

I really like the way it came out! It was definitely time consuming and somewhat challenging, and I can’t imagine I’ll ever have the patience to put together anything as big as a quilt with these tiny little squares, but I’m turning this block into a potholder for the office kitchen and I could definitely see myself making more of these blocks for potholders and other small projects. Maybe I’d consider doubling the size of these blocks to make a quilt!