Last weekend before vacation = huge to-do list!

1. Baste Maddie’s graduation quilt – I finished the backing today, I love how it looks! I used up a lot of the leftover strips and yardage of this delicious Michelle D’Amore Habitat Dandelion fabric. I think I want to use those dandelions for the back of EVERY quilt now. I love them! Forgive the iPhone photo…

2. Start quilting Maddie’s quilt…I’m really nervous because I’ve never quilted anything this big before (it’s about 64″ x 64″), but I’m just going to do straight lines so hopefully it won’t be too scary!! I really want to finish this before my trip to Maine so I can give it to her there (although yes, she lives here in Colorado too so I don’t HAVE to take it all the way to Maine, but I want all my quilting relatives to be able to see it too!).

3. Refill allergy med prescriptions…holy cow, my allergies have been terrible the past few weeks.

4. Do laundry…joy of joys.

5. Change bike tubes – I missed Bike to Work Day this week because I couldn’t get my seriously flat tires changed in time! I ended up walking to work (about 2 miles)…it was pretty sad. The weather has been really nice the past few weeks and I’m feeling the urge to start biking around town.

6. Take a yoga class…I have really bad shoulder tendinitis and I know that stretching regularly will help me get over it, but I keep finding “more important” things to do.

7. Hopefully get started on the backing for my rainbow New Wave quilt! I’d really like to get this one ready for quilting before I go to Maine, too, because I have a friend who offered to teach me free motion quilting while I’m there and I’d like to take her up on it!

8. Take Fenway to the vet for a pre-flight checkup (he flies in the cabin with me).

9. Get all my work projects under control so I’m not completely behind the eight ball when I get back from vacation!

Hmm…this list feels pretty ambitious. We’ll see how I’m doing on Monday.